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    Professor of Psychology

    Visiting Professor of Clinical Psychology – Wuhan Mental Health Center, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei, Peoples Republic of China. On-going Skype/Zoom Supervision and yearly in-person seminars in April 2018, and April 2019)

    Profesor Titular – Universidad Central de Venezuela (Spring 2000 – Spring 2010) – Course: Psychotherapy III for master’s level psychology students – (Psicoterapia 3).

    Profesor – Universidad Católica Andres Bello – (Fall 2007 – Winter 2009) Course: Crisis Intervention for master’s level psychology students. (Intervención en Crisis).

    Lecturer – University of California at Berkeley – (Fall 1995 – Fall 1998) Courses: Human Behavior (developmental psychology) in the Social Environment and Personality Theory for master’s level social work students in the School of Social Welfare.

    Adjunct Faculty – The Wright Institute – (Fall 1997 – Fall 1998) Courses: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Psychopathology, Advanced Ethics, and Supervision for doctoral psychology students.

    Adjunct Faculty – California School of Professional Psychology – Alameda (Spring 1994 – Fall 1997) Courses: Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; Psychoanalysis and Cultural Issues; Observation and Interviewing for doctoral level psychology students.

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, Caracas, Venezuela and Seattle Washington Dr. Benveniste lectured frequently, in English and Spanish:

    Lectures for parents, educators and other interested members of the general public:

    • Setting Limits with Love
    • Enhancing Self-Esteem in Children
    • The Psychology of Drug Abuse
    • How to Talk with Your Children About Sex
    • How to Talk with Your Adolescent About Sex
    • Raising Teens in Caracas
    • Adolescent Identity Formation in the International School
    • Transitions: Child Development and Life Changes.
    • Immigration and Culture Shock
    • Child Development
    • When the Five-Year-Old Goes to School
    • Setting Limits with Love: The Five to Ten-Year-Old Child
    • Discipline vs. Punishment: Setting Limits with the 8-13-Year-Old
    • Dealing with School Related Problems
    • Setting Limits in the Classroom
    • Identifying the Child at Risk
    • Self-Esteem and School Adjustment
    • Art and Play
    • Parents as Role Models
    • Summer Vacation and Your Child
    • Parenting Your Adolescent

    Lectures for professional audiences:

    • Crisis Intervention after Major Disasters
    • Stories of the Flood (children’s experiences of the devastating 1999 Venezuelan floods)
    • Panic and Fear
    • Community Psychology: The Flood, The National Strike and Societal Polarization
    • Totalitarianism: The Collapse of Democratic and Analytic Space
    • Adolescence and Identity: Changes in Relation to Authority and Sexuality
    • Recognizing Defenses in the Drawings and Play of Children in Therapy
    • Art Therapy as a mode of Psychotherapeutic Intervention with Children
      Child Therapy
    • Crisis Counseling and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    • Crisis Intervention
    • The Suicidal Patient
    • What Does Suicide Mean?
    • Parent Consultation for Clinicians
    • Police Officers in Psychotherapy
    • Termination of Psychotherapy
    • Supervisory Tasks and Problems: A Supervisor’s Workshop
    • Child Work from Theory to Therapy
    • A Psychodynamic View of Cultural Issues in Psychotherapy
    • Play and the Metaphors of the Body
    • The Early History of Psychoanalysis in San Francisco
    • Erik Erikson in the San Francisco Bay Area


    Professional lectures in the San Francisco Bay Area were presented at Mt. Zion Hospital, the University of San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, the Ann Martin Children’s Center, The California Psychology Internship Council, The San Francisco Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, the Marina Counseling Center, McAuley Behavioral Health Service – St. Mary’s Hospital, Peer Support Group Training at the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, Lincoln Children’s Center,

    In Caracas, professional lectures were presented at Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Universidad de Los Andes, Sociedad Psicoanalítica de Caracas, Red de Apoyo Psicológico, Hospital El Peñon, Hospital de Niños and in Tampa Florida at the Carter-Jenkins Center.

    Since moving to the Pacific Northwest Dr. Benveniste has delivered lectures at the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Studies, Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Center for Object Relations, the Carter-Jenkins Center in Tampa Florida, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, The American Psychoanalytic Association meeting in San Francisco, the Instituto de Salud Mental de Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico and the IPA Congress in Mexico City.